BIg River comic convention (TM) April 17-18-19, 2020

 BIG RIVER COMIC CONVENTION (TM) is produced locally with a focus on creating a fun and friendly family event for everyone!

While our primary focus is that of comics, comic creators, and the creative process, Big River Comic Convention also provides its attendees with access to gaming, sci-fi, cosplay, anime, fantasy, and everything in between. 

Our goal is to provide you with a rewarding, fun, and family-friendly event experience.

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The Adventures Of Miss Big River




3,000 copies of Miss Big River (Hannibal’s First Comic Book) have arrived. 

Keep in mind....these will go fast so we cannot do a hold at this time.

We will post local locations ASAP as we work out some last minute details.

The book will also be available  at :


Ming Chen

AMC reality series Comic Book Men

 Television personality Ming Chen starred on the AMC reality series Comic Book Men for seven seasons and 96 episodes. Filmmaker Kevin Smith had created the show around his comic book store Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash featuring Chen.

Ming Chen is one of the many faces of Comic Book Men, and runs an international pod cast keeping fans connected to the industry of entertainment. 

Ming, will be signing Autographs Friday Saturday and Sunday as well as a Q&A Panel.

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His IMDB can be found here: 


Michael Toth


You will want to read this bio slow and several times....get ready for Michael Toth. 

Coming to Big River Comic Convention 2020!

Mike began his long career in the animation field in 1978 at Filmation Studios.

Having been inspired by the Warner Brothers cartoons of the 1940s he always dreamed of being an animator. 

Starting his career at Filmation Studios he worked on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Tarzan, Lone Ranger Zorro Adventure Hour, Shazam, Blackstar, Bravestarr, Ghostbusters, New Adventures of Tom & Jerry. He also worked freelance for Bill Melendez on This is America Charlie Brown, Snoopy’s Reunion and It’s Spring Training Charlie Brown.

When Filmation closed it’s doors in 1988 he moved over to the Baer Animation Studios where he got to work on many commercials such as the Green Giant, Chevy Lumina and also worked on Roger Rabbit in Tummy Trouble as well as the Prince and the Pauper short starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

 In the mid 1990s he found himself working at Disney Studios Animation in Burbank where he worked on such great Disney Classics as Aladdin, Pocohontas, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Hercules and Home on the Range. 


Carey Means


Carey Means (Frylock) is coming to Big River Comic Convention 2020!

Carey is an American voice artist and actor best known for playing Frylock in the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well as other productions from Adult Swim, such as Thundercleese in The Brak Show. His many talents include acting, voice overs, singing, and dancing.

Carey is also a classically trained Shakespearean actor who has performed with Theatre of the Stars in such productions as South Pacific and with Actors Express in It's a Wonderful Town.

Carey Means will be at BRCC 2020, will you?

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Means is a graduate of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri with a degree for B.S. Fine Arts/Vocal Music. He is trained in many dialects, including Australian, British, German, Italian, Jamaican, Hispanic, South African, Southern Drawl, New York, Asian, French, and West Indian.

His career includes having been in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Atlanta Opera Chorus, performing on stage at the Georgia Renaissance festival as Sir Richard Do Good.


Mark Dodson

 Big River Comic Convention Guest announcement #3 

 Mark Dodson is the voice talent that provided the voice for Salacious Crumb in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. For Gremlins he is the voice of many of the Gremlins and mischievous Mogwais. For Gremlins 2, he is the voice actor for Daffy, George, and Lenny, along with miscellaneous gremlins/mogwai. 

He continues to voice for films, commercials, video games, and narrate TV shows.

Mark will be bringing Salacious Crumb & Gremlins with him to Big River Comic Convention 2020!

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Check out all of Mark's work here.

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