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Bishop Stevens is a former WCW-WWE pro-wrestler turned actor in 2014. As a wrestler Bishop trained with the legendary 8 time Champion Harley Race and signed with World Championship Wrestling which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). Early in his acting career he appeared on some of the hottest network and cable television shows including AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's Empire, NBC's Chicago PD before landing his 1st guest starring role on the Verizon go90's hit political series Embeds starring Don Tieri and Alexis Zalar.

In the last few years Stevens has become known as one of the mid-west fastest rising movie actors landing roles in 9 major Hollywood motion pictures with 4 being released throughout 2018 Nicolas Cage's-Mom and Dad, Chance the Rapper's-Slice, Colin Ford's-Family Blood, Tim O'Leary's No Good Heroes. Bishop also landed starring roles in three other Hollywood films being released in 2018-2019, the 1st developed by High Point Pictures also starring veteran actor Michael Pare' called LockDown. The 2nd developed by Homesick Media called Thy Neighbor a multi award winning film soon to be released. The 3rd a LGBTQ award winning film starring Ellen Page called My Days Of Mercy .

And for you comic-book fans look out! Bishop Stevens will star in the live action version of Marvel artist and character creator Tom Rasch's THE STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES OF SALEM TUSK presently in production.


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