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Bishop Stevens is a former WCW-WWE pro-wrestler turned actor in 2014. As a wrestler Bishop trained with the legendary 8 time Champion Harley Race and signed with World Championship Wrestling which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). Early in his acting career he appeared on some of the hottest network and cable television shows including AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's Empire, NBC's Chicago PD before landing his 1st guest starring role on the Verizon go90's hit political series Embeds starring Don Tieri and Alexis Zalar.

In the last few years Stevens has become known as one of the mid-west fastest rising movie actors landing roles in 9 major Hollywood motion pictures with 4 being released throughout 2018 Nicolas Cage's-Mom and Dad, Chance the Rapper's-Slice, Colin Ford's-Family Blood, Tim O'Leary's No Good Heroes. Bishop also landed starring roles in three other Hollywood films being released in 2018-2019, the 1st developed by High Point Pictures also starring veteran actor Michael Pare' called LockDown. The 2nd developed by Homesick Media called Thy Neighbor a multi award winning film soon to be released. The 3rd a LGBTQ award winning film starring Ellen Page called My Days Of Mercy .

And for you comic-book fans look out! Bishop Stevens will star in the live action version of Marvel artist and character creator Tom Rasch's THE STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES OF SALEM TUSK presently in production.

Lorenzo Lizana  is an artist and toy designer with a focus on the design, development and production of unique characters, illustrations, toys and art objects for the entertainment industry. His work can be seen in national print and TV advertising campaigns and toy stores. He has 25 + years of character design and product design experience and specializes in comic book art and storytelling.

David Gorden is a creator, writer, and sequential artist who specializes in the creation of intellectual properties. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he fell in love with art, particularly visual storytelling, at a young age. He began making his own comic strips and submitting them to the Post-Dispatch, at the age of 8. The Post very graciously turned David down; with the editor at the time sending him a rejection letter that encouraged him to continue to pursue his dream of becoming a cartoonist. David went on to become a professional graphic artist and cartoonist and was a founding member of legendary St. Louis art crews Air Assault and later Mach One. 

David knows that today’s world has become predicated on people’s attention being captured by engaging stories and eye-catching visuals and has over two decades of experience creating applying his skills in character creation, sequential art, story boarding, script writing, and concept creation and he is also a founding member of Big Fat Hero a social media hub and outlet for short stories, podcasts, geek culture and production.

David has written and created IP for Lion Forge Comics, Rampage Jackson, Scott Steindorff, and Nick Cannon. His creative credits include Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier, Trimaxx, Quincredible, Sympathy for the Soul (script adaptation), Make Believe (script adaptation) and more.  

David is the creator of Kwame Hightower and Quantum University. He released his first independent OGN, Kwame Hightower and the Man with No Name in late March of 2018. The story introduces the rambunctious 12-year-old Kwame Hightower who becomes the king of England after he draws Excalibur from the sacred stone and the ensuing adventure! David has recently begun work on his next graphic novel Kwame Hightower and the Exiles of Kalatheaa and is actively promoting his books through touring, posts on social media, speaking engagements and teaching workshops on visual storytelling. 

Chelsea began cosplaying soon after the release of Suicide Squad in 2016. I attended my first convention in April of 2017. Since then I’ve been traveling around the Tristate area attending conventions. 

Earlier this year she became a part of the group Heroes for Kids. 

She now helps with as many of their events as she can.

Iowa Black Squadron Ghostbusters 13

DJ Jeremy B

DJ Jeremy B - Mobile Entertainment
Pike County’s Premier Mobile DJ

DJ Jeremy B, aka Jeremy Blacken, has been the life of the party for over 10 years. He started spinning backyard parties on the shores of Hood Canal near Seattle, Washington and has landed here in the Midwest.

Costumers for Christ


A non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel with our fellow geeks and sharing God's love with our communities. Costumers for Christ visits cancer patients at major Children’s Hospitals, helps out local charities organizations (like Children’s Miracle Network and Relay for Life), reads to excited children at elementary schools and local libraries, and volunteers our time at church events like Awanas and Vacation Bible School. The primary focus of our ministry, though, is the outreach we do at comic-book conventions all over the country, where we give away thousands of copies of The Amazing Gospel, a comic book adaptation of the life of Jesus, along with other superhero-inspired devotional tracts, coloring pages, and more. And we do it all while dressed as our favorite superheroes!

Ryan Raham

Ryan Raham is an actor from Los Angeles who currently resides here in the Midwest. Ryan started his acting career in theater where he starred in productions such as Oklahoma and Hairspray. After high school Ryan studied acting for the camera under Maria Mayenzet who taught him everything he knows today. Now Ryan is known for his roles in commercial work, independent films, and web series. Ryan hopes to debut his own personal web series at the Comic Convention.

Time to “Suit Up”!

Heroes for Kids will be attending the Big River Comic Convention 2019…

The group features a dedicated group of cosplayers that brings together costumed heroes and villains, law enforcement, firefighters, and military members to bring smiles to kids’ faces and bolster community relations.

They also help raise funds for various causes, including Relay for Life, Alzheimer’s, Back-stoppers and dementia research to name a few.

St. Louis Superman


At an early age, Charlee developed a fandom for superheroes, sci-fi, and fantasy. Charlee first dressed up during senior year in high school as Superman for Halloween. Teachers and friends noticed a remarkable resemblance of the iconic character. Later in 2005, he moved to St. Louis and took up costuming as a hobby. The next summer, after attending the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, he was officially hooked. Over the next few years, his skills in costuming evolved.

By 2010, Charlee has portrayed versions of Superman, Superboy, Mon-El, Dick Grayson, and Spiderman. From his beginnings that year as street character and superfan, St. Louis Superman, he founded a volunteer cosplay group, the Gateway Superfriends with Krissy Stone. He further used his career to transition into the Independent film scene as an upcoming actor. Charlee made his big debut in 2017 in Donny Callahan's Superman fan film feature entitled, "Supermen: World War", set for online release in April 2019.

To date, Charlee has become well known for his specialties in costume as Superman, Superboy, Superboy-Prime, and Nightwing. Including his recent venture into making Superman style belts. His work has earned him awards in contests, national recogniton, and even a costume display in the Super Museum from his big Metropolis win as Evil Superman. He regularly attends midwest cons and events with his fiancee such as the Superman Celebration and the Smallville Superfest. Aside from pursuing a career in acting, Charlee's current drive is to increase his skill and try more propmaking, armor, and videogame costumes.

Follow, like, and write Charlee online!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @StLouisSuperman

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