Silent Auction


BRCC & Kids In Motion


Big River Comic Convention is proud to present our 1st Silent Auction. Donated artwork and items will be auctioned off with a Silent Auction held at the event during BRCC 2019. 

Hannibal Kids In Motion will benefit from the proceeds of all auctioned off artwork and items.

In addition, Refreshment Services Pepsi will have “on hand” the day of the event, a beverage wagon which will be manned by local members of Kids in Motion. The monies raised at the beverage wagon will also be donated to this organization. 

If you have questions or would like to donate a item for our Auction, please contact us at: subject line: Silent Auction

The auction will operate from 1PM-2:30PM the day of the event. Must be present to bid!


About Kids in Motion: 


Kids In Motion (KIM) is a pre-employment/ service learning training program for at risk youth between the ages of 12-15. The mission of our program is to teach teens and pre-teens to value work, to value their community, and to value their future.

OUR GOAL is to provide a positive experience for youth that will greatly impact their lives through service to others.  Our program encourages strong work ethic, personal responsibility and self-reliance.  Essentially preparing participants to successfully enter the workforce.  Equally important, however, it teaches them they can make a difference in the lives of their community and others.

Youth perform various supervised community service projects such as: assisting with activities at local nursing homes, beautification projects such as planting trees and flowers, working to maintain the tourism district in historic downtown Hannibal, etc....  These projects allow them to learn the importance of teamwork, the necessity to develop good work habits, and the need to develop a respect for supervisory authority, and all the while, they are making an impact on their community.  We hope that our early intervention might redirect values and influence positive behavior and lifestyle choices as well as empower youth to improve their lives and achieve their dreams.

During our summer youth programs, participants are given the opportunity to earn money.  This simulates the benefits of an actual employment setting.  However, the amount they earn is not a based on a wage per hour, it is tied directly to a daily evaluation on their attitude and performance given to them by their supervisors.  Initially the kids perform well to receive the most money possible, however, once they realize they can be successful and truly make a difference in the lives of others, it becomes about so much more than the money.  Their level of self-worth and self-confidence dramatically improves.

In addition to the monetary incentive rewards, participants also receive free transportation, two free meals a day, and also are given the opportunity to take part in special educational and recreational field trip experiences.

Kids In Motion - Douglass Community Services

Check out this great video on Kids In Motion.