Cosplay Times

  10:30AM-11:30AM – Kids Cosplay Contest (Winner Following)

  2:00PM- 3:30PM- Adult Cosplay "Novice" Contest (Winner Following)

  3:30PM- 4:30PM- Adult Cosplay Contest (Winner Following)

(Please Use The Above Times When Participating) 

Subject To Change

Costume Contest Rules

The Basics

 Make sure to pick the right one for you. 

•ADULT NOVICE - This is the novice level. If you have little experience in costuming. or you have never won a prize in a contest, then you may enter in this level. 

•ADULT ADVANCED - This is the advanced level. Contestants with experience in costuming, and or if you have won awards for costuming in the past, should enter in this level. 

•KIDS 13 and under. (Participants under the age of 13 and under must have a written release from a parent or guardian).  Costumes may be purchased however, there must be a hand crafted or fabricated element somewhere in the costume. 

Contest Rules

Contestants must have a badge with their name. (Available At Cos Table) 

If under 18, contestants must have a legal guardian present.

Contestants must show up promptly at scheduled times.

Contestants will sign up according to Skill level.

There will be 3 categories: Children (under 13), Adult Novice, Adult Advanced.

Weapons must pass check or will not be allowed in the contest

Stage Rules

When on stage contestants will use a three-point system for poses. Essentially Pose (center stage, left stage, right stage) pausing for about a 3-5 count in your head.

Contestants will up to a minute on stage if requested.

Contestants may not throw anything to the audience.

Contestants may not say or yell anything offensive. This will not be tolerated and you will immediately be removed from the convention.

Contestants must remove anything they take on stage with them.


Cosplays will be judged on Craftsmanship and stage presence.

Judges will try to give feedback if requested. Feedback may be both negative (e.g. what could be worked on) and/or positive. 


Our cosplay staff has the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.

We reserve the right to add modify rules as necessary.


No partial or full nudity. All cosplays must cover more than a swimsuit, regardless of gender.

No pyrotechnics, smoke, fog, fire, fireworks, explosions, concussions, etc.

No dripping or oozing of fluids, confetti, or glitter which could create an unsafe walking surface.

If you can't fit through a doorway you cannot wear it. 

You cannot be blocking people's paths in the hallways.

No extreme gore. Remember, this is a family convention, and anything considered inappropriate will be asked to change or leave.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

The Convention and Staff are not liable for any damaged or missing pieces of your cosplay. Please keep track of your items.


Cosplay is not consent. Be considerate. Please ask for photographs and respect those instances when a cosplayer may be otherwise engaged.

Please do not touch a costume unless given express permission by the costume wearer.

No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. Not only will reports of harassment result in immediate expulsion from the convention, but staff will take all appropriate measures up to and including contacting the authorities.

Prop Rules

All props must go through weapons check. They will Tag appropriate weapons

No real weapons. No steel/real swords; or shaped metal objects.

No real firearms. Fake Guns must have something identifying them clearly as facsimile so that those with no gun knowledge clearly know it's not a threat. We highly recommend an orange tip of some kind.

If it is a Nerf gun you cannot have any "bullets" in it, or on you.

Props must be able to fit through doorways and can not block people in the halls. Large costume pieces must be removable in order to walk through halls (e.g. wings, spikes, tails, chains, props).

Convention Staff will have final say about props




Send Up the Signal!

The Dark Knight has descended upon the Midwest Region and has answered the call. St. Louis Batman has been around the last few years with bringing the dark knight and boy wonder to life for kids of all ages. While working with multiple charity groups like Heroes for Kids, Gateway Guardians, Gateway Superfriends and others; St. Louis Batman has been able to reach many kids to give them that real superhero experience and to put a smile on their face. From charity events to hospital visits this Batman knows how to liven up the room and make the kids forget about anything bad, even if it is just for a minute. The St. Louis Batman has made appearances at baseball games both minor league and major league, with the occasional run through the field to catch one of Gotham’s villains. 



The St. Louis Batman has dedicated the time to work with some of the best cosplayers both heroes and villains to bring forth some of the finest events to the region. These events help raise funds, awareness and other causes in a fun filled way that brings people together. 

So what Batman and Robin try to do is simple, bring smiles to the fans and kids. Raise money for charities and at the end of the day know that a dad taught his son how to do good in this world. 

Follow the Bat Signal on Facebook: @midwestdarkknight

For Booking, events and conventions:




The La’Miks are a couple that cosplay together for the love of all things geekdom….except for Star Trek….ha! Just kidding…mostly.

The La’Miks, B’Rose and Ja’car, are devout Star Wars fans and they love all things “Swarzy” and GI Joe. Most of all, they love the happiness that cosplay brings to others. 


 Their passion is bringing some of their favorite characters to life so those that may be sick, hurting, or just having hard time with the real world, can smile and live in another universe, even if is just for a few minutes. B’Rose has been involved in multiple theater productions and she has a vast experience in both makeup and costuming and she is always looking at ways to better her craft. Ja’car loves to create, even if he says he has no artistic talent. He is always seeking out the next item to add to his or B’Rose’s arsenal or bag of tricks. 


 The La’Miks are a part of multiple cosplay groups (501st Legion, Fighting 788th, and DC Unlimited Cosplay) that focus on giving back to the community and making it a more fun and exciting place to live. 

Big River Comic Convention Talks with BB Cosplay