Vendor 2020 PROFILE


Overfield's Overflow

 I was raised by a toy and antique collector,  so collecting just came naturally to me. I started with captain America and Star Wars. But I have ventured into other comic runs, and toy lines like Care Bears, Battle Beasts, Bucky O'Hare,  and GI Joe. My dad also bought and sold things to help fund his collections, so like my brother Nathan, I started doing that too. So now I buy and sell toys from the 70 through present trying to help other collectors recapture the joy of their childhoods.
Instagram @mgo_creations 


Nathan Overfield

Nathan's Nerdy Knick-Knacks is led Nathan Overfield and his beautiful sidekick Heather.  

They themselves are collectors of comic books, action figures, 1980’s toys, and superhero memorabilia.  They buy, sell, and trade toys from the 70’s-Present simply to fund their own collecting.  They love watching people pick up a toy that that flashes them back to childhood memories.  They truly feel that there's magic in these plastic toys and enjoy putting people back in touch with their treasures from childhood.    

Nathan & Heather were extremely proud to be a part of BRCC in it's inaugural year and look forward to returning in 2020! 


Geek Chic

Geek Chic sells old comic books and comic book related toys and games. As well as comic book and pop  crafts and Gifts.As well as lego mini figures. 

They are based out of Quincy Il. Ran by David and Dawn Knoblock. 

Check them out at: 


Tribble Totes


1 of our MANY New Vendors For 2020! We are so excited to announce "Tribble Totes"!

This is Wayne & Wendy Price with Tribble Totes....

Fb: Inspired by Grace - Tribble Totes

Tribble Totes is a family operated business!! Everyone has a role in the production of the bags to the greeting of customers!!! I am deaf women who loves being creative with all the fabric and have learned how to create my own embroideries. I have been sewing and embroidering for 10+ years!

Wayne is an ASE Master Mechanic who I have converted over to sewing and embroidery!! He loves to create and tinker on items. He is also certified in sewing machine repair and we operate the business out of our home!!

Come and see our booth!! We can’t wait to meet you!


Tech Outreach

Teach Outreach based in Hannibal, MO is a 3D Printing enthusiast turned PRO! With numerous 3D Printed items, Tech Outreach will be able to answer ALL of your 3D Printer questions while providing a LIVE Printing Demo during the 3 Day Convention. 



I am a teacher who loves to craft! I try to keep custom items affordable and high quality. Please check out my Etsy page for more listings:


Nerd It Up

Let me tell you of the mythical tale of NERD IT UP! It all started a long time ago in the 2000's. A young man went to a bartering hall. There he found a box full of marvelous tales and wonders. This box was the first of many. Soon the young man became overwhelmed with his collection of wonders. He talked to a local merchant of antiquities and they came up with a arrangement. The merchant would sell his wonders for a small fee of course. The young man's collection grew even bigger than the merchants story emporium could hold. So when the collection grew even bigger he started traveling to gypsy caravan and saw many other wonders and creatures. The young man had found his calling selling wonders to the world at low prices. 


Raven's Loft

Back for a second time...

Ravens Lofts has it all and brings it all to BRCC Hannibal, Missouri!

 Collectible Card Games (Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.), Vintage Toys (Star Wars, GI Joe, Jurassic Park, Universal Monsters, Masters of the Universe, Marvel & DC, Horror/Cult, Transformers, NECA and McFARLANE) Role-Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, etc.). 


NSB Comics

 NSB will be back to Big River Comic Convention 2020! We will be bringing long boxes of $1 comics or 12 for $10. We are also bringing stickers, retro non-sports trading cards, loose action figures (including wrestlers), mini figures, and more! There's something for everybody. 


Crane's Post, Inc.

Some of the nicest people you could ever ask to meet who have some of the most amazing items on the Planet. 

Back for a second year! 


Cretaceous Productions

 Cretaceous Productions is a husband-and-wife team who create together to bring smiles to the faces of people like you!  

Also back for another year, we cannot wait to see what new things Stevie brings to the show!


Alex - The Comic Hoarder

Our local comic celeb and friend...ALEX The Comic Hoarder. 


The Brick Pick

 The Brick Pick offers an amazing, interactive world of imagination and play. A fun and engaging display presence is enhanced by an insanely knowledgeable band of misfits, nerds and geeks to direct you to the perfect "pick" of your favorite custom figures and more. The Brick Pick loves being at multiple toy shows, comic conventions, festivals and other special events throughout the year and especially look forward to being at the Big River Comic Convention. 


LEGION OF DOOM – Comics & Collectibles


We are happy to announce the LEGION OF DOOM – Comics & Collectibles will be at Big River Comic Convention 2020!

With a healthy dose of vintage comics as well as modern with everything in between…

Let's give their Facebook Page a BRCC Welcome! Hit that LIKE.


G&K Comics & Collectibles


Second Year Appearance…..WE Have Spoken!

G&K Comics & Collectibles are a Social Media based and local pop culture Titan.

With items from Silver age, modern, postmodern…G&K has it all and WILL have it all at Big River Comic Convention 2020.

Want to take a peek at some of what they have to offer?

Check out their Facebook Pages:


Crane's Post, Inc.

Some of the greatest people with some of the most amazing and unique items on the PLANET! 

Check them out at: 


Monroe St. Press

  Monroe St. Press makes available quality paperback reprints of 19th and early 20th century fiction. Their selections include tales of adventure, romance, airship warfare, sea battles, explorations from the earth's core to outer space. 

Experience the future as the Victorians imagined it!  

Check them out at: