Vendor-Artist Table


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Artist/Vendor Table: Will be defined as ONE (1) Table. If the Vendor is providing their own display, the "location size" and cost will be determined on a case by case basis Note: 

If you are needing more than (1) one table, please email us or contact us on our Facebook Page. 


1 - Jackie Nelson                                                                                                                                     

2 - G&K Collectibles

3- Ravens Loft

4- Killens Comics, Toys and Games

5- NSB Comics

6- Roland Mann

7- Lorenzo Lizana

8- Jacob Bouvet

9- Cranes Post

10- Daphnes Dragon Lair

11- Monroe St. Press

12- Bruce Reynolds Comics

13- Todd Black Comics

14- Coarey Trim Creations

15- Comic Grind

16- Rebel Pig Smokehouse & Grill

17- Refreshment Services Pepsi

18- Iowa Black Squadron Ghostbusters

19 - St. Louis Superman "Charlee Soffer"

20- Heros For Kids

21- MooreNerdy

22- David Gorden

23- Scarlet Knight

24-  William Schlichter

25- Gateway Comics

26- Better Together Creations

27- Cretaceous Productions

28- Artist Jeffrey Niffen

29- Red Hen Bookshop

30- Geek Chic

31- Salvatore Gertken

32- Tech Outreach- Bridges

33- Jamie Strong

34-  Designs by Dan 

35- Wayne Kent Comics

36- Nathan Overfield

Featured Vendors-Artists


Killen Enterprises

Springfield Illinois based  Killen Enterprises is a one stop shop for all things Comics, Toys and Games!


Raven's Loft

Raven’s Loft (Cards, Comics, Toys & Collectibles) was founded in July 2013 by the Tudor Family as an Oasis for Kindred Spirits and Like-Minded gamers and collectors.  We have expanded 3 times since our humble beginnings.  We are located in downtown Lebanon, Missouri, at 223 West Commercial Street.

  We strive to be a high-quality store, like you might expect to find in a big city, but with the quaintness and comfort of a second home.  We feature MAGIC THE GATHERING, YU-GI-OH card games with tournaments held weekly.  We also feature, one of SW Missouri’s largest assortments of vintage toys in original packaging.  (Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Universal Monsters, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC Comic related just to name a few).  Our focus is in late 1970’s to 2000’s toys and collectibles, from animation, sci-fi, and horror.

We also offer a wide range of Vintage and New Vinyl Records, Gemstones and Crystals, as well as Vintage & New Comics, making us your “ECCLECTIC DESTINATION”.  We feature a safe and family friendly late-night destination for gaming of all kinds, including Dungeons & Dragons, and many other RPG games.
Your Quest is over my friend, welcome home, for you have arrived at RAVEN’S LOFT!

Sarah & Eric Tudor
Sunday-Monday (Closed)
Tuesday-Thursday (2:00pm – 8:00pm)
Friday (2:00pm-11:00pm)
Saturday (2:00pm-10:00pm for the public, but RPG gaming continues until Midnight or later!) 


Coarey Trim Creations

Coarey Trim is an independent artist from St. Charles, Missouri who specializes in video game and retro cartoon art. In addition retro themed art he has contributed art for the Independent Film Swamp Zombies 2 as well the upcoming indie horror film Easter Holocaust. His art is displayed in the offices of World Event Productions, the creators of Voltron and he has also created his own fantasy art series, Petal Party.

Twitter: @LegendaryHeroes


The Comic Grind

 THE COMIC GRIND BRINGING COMICS AND COFFEE TO YOU!  I've always dreamed about owning my own comic book store. My mother, who has owned several businesses in the past recently retired.  She was looking for her next business endeavor.  So, we came together and created The Comic Grind. A mobile comic book store, coffee and more.  This is our first year and we are very excited to bring our business to you.  I started collecting comics in 1989. I have Silver Age, Bronze Age and Current.   

- Phil Trapp, Co-Owner of Comic Grind


Daphne's Adventures by Jackie Nelson

 Jackie has published the first edition in a series of fiction books titled "The Power Within" which follow the story of her daughter, Daphne, as she uses her Autism as a strength to fight zombies.


Jacob Bouvet


Jacob Bouvet is a writer, zinester and toy photographer born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Jacob is also the co-host and organizer of Springfield's monthly comic creator meetup,

He has had work published in several comics’ anthologies, including the sci-fi romance anthology, Speculative Relationships, and the giant monster anthology, Colossal Chaos from Stache Publishing. Jacob has also self-published the first issue of the kung fu, science fantasy mini-series Ko Gaine and is currently writing the ongoing romance, drama webcomic BURN, at  

You can see some more of his other comic work at


NSB Comics

Hotavio Escamilla and Aaron Wright started by drawing comics in spiral notebooks in 6th grade.  Many years later, they took it up again by self-publishing books.  In order to get their books exposure,  Hotavio (Tav) started vending shows last year not only pushing self-published comics, but selling what he loves most, all types of comics and other related merchandise. 


Bruce Reynolds Comics

 An Old-School Mix. A Variety of Silver and Bronze-Age Books. Cool stuff you don’t see everyday are the kind of Comics I read, collect and sell. I also buy old comics, and look forward to meeting all of you at this Wonderful Event. Stop by my booth at BIG RIVER COMIC CON and find some neat old comics you didn’t even know you were looking for… This is gonna be Great! 


Todd Black

Todd Black is a comic writer and author, having published works for the last five years. He's written superhero comics, fantasy comics, Disney/Pixar style adventure books, and even some Sherlock Holmes mysteries. His dream is to write more and more stories, and he won't stop until there are no more left in his head. 



BRCC Welcomes....MooreNerdy!

Jennifer Moore taught herself how to hand sew when she was younger and  loved it. Her husband bought her a small sewing machine a few years ago hoping she would make crazy items. It took a short while for her to be braver than the machine and try it out. Turns out that is when her obsession with fabrics/crafts started. YouTube was a giant help on learning how to perfect her craft and it was/is a good visual aid. The sewing addiction that has been creeping up on her for years has finally dominated my life. 

So, she wanted to share what she loves to do with the world!!

MooreNerdy can be found in six different counties, the Neutral Zone in Chesterfield Mall, and each of the Fantasy Shop locations (four in total). 



29-23 Comics


Juaquan was a screenwriter and short film maker from Kansas City. He was fortunate enough to move to Los Angeles and learn from the best. When I met my mentor Scott C. Brown. He was able to teach me how to really write content. So I decided to do what I have always had the dream to do. COMICS! Juaquan was raised by his grandparents who passed away. He lived in their attic all the way till he graduated from college. Juaquan dedicates this to their memory. 2923 is his old street address. 29-23 Comics will provide unique comics for people of all different backgrounds.


William schlichter

William Schlichter is an award-winning screenwriter and author specializing in science fiction and the phantasmagorical world of the undead. His popular No Room in Hell and Silver Dragon Chronicles series are fan favorites, and he enjoys spending time on the convention circuit.

His full-length feature script, Incinta, is a 2014 New Orleans Horror Film Festival finalist, a 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival finalist, and an Official Selected finalist in the 2016 Irvine Film Festival. William also placed third in the 2013 Broadcast Education Association National Festival of Media Arts for his TV Spec Script episode of The Walking Dead.

William Schlichter 

BHC PressSandmen & Zombies 

Gateway Comics


Creator - Bradley Potts

Bradley Potts was a longtime fan of comic books and RPGs, Brad began playing Champions: The Superhero Role-Playing Game in 1989, developing many characters and stories. The dream of creating a comic book first emerged in 1995 with the production of the first ever Stalker comic. The dream would have to wait, though, until 2011, when circumstances were right.

Teaming with comic legend, Trevor Von Eeden, Brad wrote and produced the four issue origin story, Stalker: Donning the Mask. Over the years since, Brad has worked with several artists to keep the comic going: Sara Richard, Blake Wilkie, George Freeman, Wilfredo Torres, Michel Fiffe, Mindy “Indy” Steffen, Jamal Igle, and Marcos Gratao. Recently, primary illustration duties have been taken by Brazilian artist, Fabio Silva.

Brad now publishes a number of webcomics; Stalker, Gateway Legends, Enemus, Hellenistic Mysteries and Super Cat.

Cretaceous Productions


Cretaceous Productions is comprised of Stevie, an artist who creates artwork for the two web-series, Life with Raptor and Fur Real Rescues, and her husband Brad, who writes scripts for both series.

Stevie creates all kinds of artwork, some original works and fandom based, but she also creates cute plush toys (particularly tiny dinosaurs!) and crocheted hats, scarves, and so much more!

Better Together Creations


My wife and I love creating movie prop replicas and interesting things to sell. 

Designs by Dan



Dan Long has been collecting comic books for almost 40 years, at one time having amassed more than 10,000 comic books in his personal collection.
He went looking for letters to decorate his space, and when he couldn’t find any, Dan decided to upcycle some torn and coverless comic books into his comic book letters and numbers.

“If it’s been in a comic book, I can make a letter!” he proclaims. “Star Wars? Yes. Avengers? Yes. Aquaman? Yes. Blue Devil? Yes. Yes. Yes!”

At the end of 2018, Dan branched out and created his first Harry Potter letters, which you can find on his Facebook page or see at the show.

Dan has been handing out more than 800 comic books every Halloween for the past 5 years at Pittsfield’s Trunk-Or-Treat on the Square (that’s him in the picture).

Dan has sold hundreds of his hand-crafted wonders in various sizes over the years. He’ll have several for sale at the con, and be taking orders for your custom request.
He might even have a few Magic the Gathering cards for sale.

Vendor-Artist Information

Vendor.Artist Application (doc)


Armory FloorplanV11 (png)


Vendor-Artist FAQ

Q- Do you offer booths at the Convention?

A- Yes-  A Artist/Vendor Booths is Defined as FIVE (5) Tables configured into a square. There will be a slight price break for Booths. 


Q- What size is a table? 6 ft or 8 ft? I ask because both sizes are shown in the illustration even though the document says 8 ft.

A – We have both 6 ft and 8ft tables at the event location. We will work with you the day of setup to ensure your area suits both your needs and ours.

Q - I don't understand what "table displayed vertical or horizontal" means.

A – Some vendors utilize their own vertical rack systems. This is acceptable, but a table will still need to be purchased as a barrier between the Vendor-Artist and the guests. “We don’t want anyone handling items without your permission.”

Q- If I get two tables, do I get 4 passes?

A- No, sorry. We generously provide 2 complimentary passes to each Vendor-Artist and offer our spots at what we feel is a reduced or affordable rate.

Q- Will food be available on site?

A- Yes- We have sponsored with refreshment services Pepsi as a premium vendor and are anticipating at least (2) two food vendors. However, these will be located “outside” of the venue to ensure Vendor-Artist items are not compromised by food and drink.

Q- Is fee refundable is the Convention cancels?

A- Yes – However, No refunds/transfers will be given under any circumstances unless event is canceled. Then refunds will be issued.

Q- Is a larger view of the layout available?

A- Yes, we have provided a downloadable layout of the event location. 

Q - What is the "Magnificent Mile"?

A – Magnificent Mile is simply the area we have set to designate non-comic vendors. This is subject to change and should by no way actually be deemed (1) one US mile of measurement. Similar to the Great race (Is it really that great) or a Going out of Business Sale for the 100th time. Its just a catchy way for us to designate this location. 

Q- Will tables be skirted?

A – Vendors-Artists will be responsible for providing table skirts.

Q - When are load in times? 

A – Load Times will be the day prior to the event. April 12, 2019 from Noon until 7:00PM. If you need other accommodations, please contact us!

Keep in mind that this is a 1st year event in the early planning stages. We will rely heavily on our Vendor-Artists to make this something GREAT and anticipate (based on current feedback) to be a yearly gathering!