Volunteer And Be A Part Of A Great Event!

Note: You must be 18-years-old or older to volunteer to assist with Big River Comic Convention.

Volunteer Roles

Below are some of the jobs that we have our volunteers do. Above all, we look for positive attitudes and helpfulness to assist wherever needed. We want our attendees and exhibitors to walk away saying their experience at Big River Comic Convention was a great one!

Cosplay Contest: You may help with checking in the contestants. Or you may be registering contestants earlier in the day.

Door Monitor: Watching an interior or exterior door to make sure only those with the right credentials are going in and out.

Hospitality Room: You will be monitoring the food areas for creators or volunteers and making sure only those allowed get in. You may need to do some straightening and alert the team of any needs.

Line Control/Greeters: You are there to greet attendees and assist with providing directions and keeping the lines orderly for different events such as photo ops, front line, etc. This involves some crowd control and a lot of standing. You may be assigned an indoor OR an outdoor position.

Load In: This is  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the day and evening. It consists of table setup, checking people in, helping vendors find their spots (including traffic control inside and outside of the hall and dock area), directing them to assistance, answering questions, etc. You are not there to load-in vendor stock. You are there to provide information and direction. 

Load Out: This is usually 2-3 hours after the show closes on Sunday. You’ll help load up our stuff and make sure the vendors are packing up and heading out. This includes traffic control and parking inside and outside of the hall and dock area.

Merchandise Booth: This is where Big River Comic Convention merchandise is sold. You will assist with setting up, selling, and stocking merchandise as well as, packing up at the close of the show on Sunday.

Rover: Being available on site for your assigned shift to fill in where/when needs arise. Examples might be areas getting overloaded, crowd control, or if someone doesn’t work/show up for their shift. This is a crucial position.

Panelist Table Sitting: This is watching a table while panelist is gone. Make sure their merchandise is kept secure.

Volunteer Check In/Out: Involves checking in volunteers and dispatching them to their assigned locations. Assisting with deployment of on-call volunteers as requested.